58.1 bn tenge was invested in the fixed capital of North Kazakhstan in 2016.

The volume of investment in fixed assets of North-Kazakhstan region in 2016 amounted to 58.1 bn tenge, which is 3.4% more than in January-June 2015, said the head of the department of statistics Maral Nurzhaupova,BNews.kz correspondent reports.
According to her, the dominant source of investment  funding in fixed assets (67.4%) were funds of economic entities, which amounted to 39.2 bn tenge.

"The priority sectors for the development of investment in fixed assets are agriculture, forestry and fisheries - 36.4%, industry - 21.2%, transport and warehousing - 17.9%, real estate transactions - 9.7% "- explained M.Nurzhaupova.

Plant for the production of roofing material "Rizolin" was launched in Petropavlovsk for own investment.