Kazakhstan to expand production of armaments

KADEX-2016 became venue for discussion problems and prospects of development of armaments, military and special equipment in the XXI century. The commander in chief of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the international exhibition in Astana. More than 350 manufacturers of military equipment from 40 countries arrived in the capital of Kazakhstan to show their overall capacity. KADEX is not only trade and demonstration arena, world producers of special equipment came here to share experiences and technologies.   Nursultan NAZARBAYEV, PRESIDENT OF KAZAKHSTAN:   Of course, we mainly use the technique, which we have learnt in Soviet times. We cooperate very actively in the framework of the CSTO. We have an agreement with Russia on joint work for the production of weapons and movement of certain companies producing weapons to Kazakhstan. We are also partners with many European countries, Israel and South Africa. We take only the best equipment and develop the military-industrial complex in Kazakhstan. Of course, it is costly affair. Any army defiantly  comes at the expense of the state budget.   Kazakhstan will continue to increase the production of weapons. Special equipment will be acquired for seafarers. German shipbuilders agreed to deliver rocket-artillery ships. In addition, a German company is going to create a large shipbuilding entity in Kazakhstan.   Zhandarbek ZHANZAKOV, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF NAVAL FORCES, KAZAKHSTAN’S ARMED FORCES:   This ship is a corvette with shock-ship missile defense weapons. It has modern navigation devices as well as anti-submarine weapons.   The Kazakhstani army has military vehicles of a new generation. The armored personnel carrier 'Barys', for example, is capable of carrying fire shots from a heavy machine gun and carry ammunition even on a minefield. This equipment is being produced with a South African company. Another novelty is a unique machine 'Arlan'.   Daniyar AITKULOV, PROJECT ENGINEER:   The machine has no analogues in the CIS. Prior to that, it has never been produced. The machine prevents any mines and small arms from penetrating its surface. The machine has heating of the entire fuel system of the engine. There is no risk that the armored vehicle will get stuck during heavy operation.   Military vehicle was shown in action at the exhibition. Organisers of the event have been preparing for this great show for over six months.