International Conference of Young Scientists "New Industrialization as a Driver of Economic Growth in Kazakhstan in Terms of Globalization"

L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University is holding an international conference of young scientists on May 25st, 2016 at the VIII Astana Economic Forum with the theme “New Industrialization as a Driver of Economic Growth in Kazakhstan in Terms of Globalization”.
The purpose of the conference: information exchange between young scientists on topical issues of diversification and new industrialization of Kazakhstan’s economy in terms of globalization, initiation of modern scientific research, summarizing of results and development of recommendations to improve its competitiveness.
Accepted papers will be published as part of the conference’s collection of articles. The form of the participation at the conference is full-time.
The following sections will be run at the conference:
Economics as the basis of industrialization and economic growth in Kazakhstan;
The role of Kazakhstan’s financial sector in promoting economic growth in terms of globalization;
Development of tourism as an instrument of industrial and social modernization of Kazakhstan;
Economic growth in Kazakhstan in terms of a third industrial revolution;
Innovative industrialization as an important factor of management of the economy of Kazakhstan;
Directions of development of accounting and audit systems for improving information provision in terms of globalization.

Information on terms of participation is available here.