The President tells about how Kazakhstan may depend on the economy of neighboring countries

Kazakhstan is part of the global economy, which is now going through difficult times. Our country experiences the same phenomenon depending on the events happening in neighboring countries, said the President Nursultan Nazarbayev opening XXIV session of APK, correspondent reports.


"The path of independence has not been easy. We have faced many difficulties for 25 years. We are not just opposed to the impact of global and regional economic crises. Kazakhstan takes the same steps today. The world economy continues to fall and we are part of the global economy. The export prices of Kazakhstan remains low, including energy, raw materials, metals, food and industrial products. This affects the volume of our budget and the financing of the economy and the population of our country,"  said Nursultan Nazarbayev.+

According to the head of state, the geopolitical risks especially in neighboring countries have sharply increased.

Speaking about the threat of international terrorism, the President stressed that the main problem is observed in conflicts - the lack of mutual understanding between ethnic groups.