Kazakhstan and Iran signed 50 agreements worth a bn dollars

Tehran hosted a meeting of the Kazakh-Iranian Business Council, organized by the National Managing Holding "Baiterek". The meeting was held within the framework of the visit of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Business Council was attended by over 200 companies from Kazakhstan and Iran, BNews.kz reported.

Following the results of the meeting, the businessmen of the two countries have signed 50 cooperation agreements worth about one bn dollars. Nine of these documents for the sum of 304 mn dollars were signed by companies and "Baiterek" holding partners.

According to co-chairman of the Kazakh-Iranian Business Council, Chairman of the Board of "Baiterek" Holding Kuandyk Bishimbayev," the Heads of State of the two countries have played a major role in the process of active development of bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Iran."

The agreements for the supply of agricultural and engineering products to Iran, the joint implementation of projects in chemical and petrochemical industry, etc have been reached.