Press Relelase of the "Towards A New Growth Model" session at the AEF 2016

Press Release

“Towards a New Growth Model”Date & time: May 25, 2016, 9:30-13:00
Venue: Palace of Independence

Organized by: Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

JSC “Economic Research Institute” (ERI), Joint Vienna Institute (JVI)

Aim: To discuss and analyse the current economic environment facing Kazakhstan and Central Asia & Caucasus region, to identify reform priorities with the aim to increase the potential economic growth in a medium term.

• To analyse the economic processes of the region in a fast changing global environment (macroeconomic situation);
• To identify the role of structural reforms in raising potential growth and shifting the gears of economic development;
• To elaborate strategic recommendations on structural reforms areas in Kazakhstan and the region.

Key issues to be discussed:
• What structural reforms may contribute to overcoming the crisis developments in economy? Existing economic development model of Kazakhstan and the region has exhausted easy convergence possibilities.
• What are the main obstacles to implementation of structural reforms?
• What are reform priorities for Kazakhstan and the region?

Theme: A New Growth Model for the Region & Kazakhstan

Keynote speaker:

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

Erik Berglof, Director of the Institute of Global Affairs (IGA), London School of Economics and Political Science
Tamara Duyssenova, Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Juha Kahkonen, Deputy Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, IMF

Norbert Funke
, Director, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI)

WORKSHOP: Thinking about Structural Reforms in the Region to Reset Economic Growth

Aset Irgaliyev, Chairman of the Board of JSC “Economic Research Institute”
Norbert Funke, Director, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI)

Asel Isakova, Economist, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI)
Aigul Kosherbayeva, Director of the Center for Regional and Competitiveness Studies, JSC “Economic Research Institute”
Saltanat Kamenova, Deputy Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship Development, JSC “Economic Research Institute”
Matteo Lanzafame, Economist, University of Messina, Italy

Organizers look forward to seeing you at the workshop. Should you wish to participate in the workshop, please send an application to until May 19, 2016. Please send us your name, job title and a brief job description (maximum 100 words).

Expected Outcomes:

Increased knowledge and discussion of reform priorities in the Central Asia and Caucasus/CIS at the interactive workshop attended by public servants, researches and experts of the region;
Elaboration and publication of strategic recommendations on structural reforms with the support of facilitators.

80 participants