European businessmen ready to invest in agricultural sector of Kazakhstan - Hogan

European Commissioner Phil Hogan stressed the great potential of cooperation between European businessmen and Kazakh agricultural producers.

"Why are businessmen of the European Union interested in Kazakhstan? Why do they want to come here? They look at the chain of agricultural production and want to identify the point where it is possible to increase the added value. Thus, they are interested in recycling, creation of new jobs to improve the quality of life in rural areas and, of course, they are also interested not only in markets of Kazakhstan, but also in China and the Far East markets. Kazakhstan will be able to enter the world market. But to bring European investors, it is necessary to provide a favorable business environment and good working conditions in Kazakhstan," he said at a press conference in the CCS.

The European Commissioner said that our country has a very large land area and this provides a great potential for development of relations between European businessmen and local agricultural producers in this field.

"That is, investors are willing to bring their technologies here and work together with your farmers to develop, cultivate the land resources. In addition, your farmers will be able to have  good farming practice and they will have the opportunity to cooperate in order to promote their products to the world markets, to comply the quality of products with international standards. We have already achieved a lot in this direction. Therefore, we are pleased to share the experience and practice with Kazakhstan," Hogan added.