For support of Kazakhstan population employment 63 billion tenge will be allocated in addition – E.Dosayev

Due to the updating of the Road map of employment-2020 in addition to 37.8 billion tenge, 63 billion will be allocated in addition for 2016, the minister of national economy of Kazakhstan Erbolat Dosayev said at a government meeting, correspondent reports.
According to the minister, in total 989 billion tenge from the Special reserve of the government created in 2016 are planned to allocate.
"Including 63 billion tenge for realization of the staticized RME 2020 in addition to 37.8 billion tenge allocated for 2016; 37 billion tenges on start of projects on repair of social infrastructure and objects of housing and communal services by analogy with the Road map of 2009-2010 with creation of 183 thousand workplaces," E.Dosayev said.
As the minister noted, the plans of the government also include construction of hostels for labor youth and the internal migrants moving from some regions with payment of subsidies for moving.