"Sustainable development and "green economy" in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Condition and Prospects"

"Sustainable development and "green economy" in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Condition and Prospects"

25 February 2015


The concept of an international youth conference "Sustainable development and "green economy" in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Condition and Prospects" within the framework of 2015 Astana Economic Forum

Within the framework of 2015 Astana Economic Forum, realizing high efficiency of direct live communication of students L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian national university decided to hold an international scientific conference of young scientists "Sustainable development and "green economy" in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Condition and Prospects".

Purpose: Synthesis of the outcomes and identification of prospects for further sustainable development of "green" economy.


  • Development of creative activity of students and postgraduates;
  • Involving young people in solving urgent problems of modern science and the economy;
  • Promote international educational and scientific ties.

Planned subjects of section works:

  • Tourism in the context of sustainable development and "green economy";
  • Conservation and effective ecosystem management in Kazakhstan; (FSS)
  • Improving the system of accounting, auditing and analysis in the context of sustainable development and "green economy";
  • Financial and credit system of the Eurasian Economic Union: condition, problems and prospects;
  • Energy efficiency and conservation - a new vector of sustainable development;
  • "Green Architecture" in Kazakhstan: Prospects and Trends of Development;
  • Economic growth and the problem of sustainable development.

Key questions for discussion:

  • Accounting and Auditing in the emerging global market economy;
  • The role of accounting and auditing in the context of economic globalization and the deepening of integration processes in the Eurasian space;
  • "Green Economy": experience, problems and prospects;
  • Global experience in implementing "green economy";
  • Problems and prospects of the tourism industry;
  • Sustainable development of tourism cluster as part of the "green economy";
  • The theory of sustainable development of innovative economy;
  • Green Economy - a new vector of sustainable development;
  • Methodology of innovative economic development research;
  • Industrial Innovation Revolution - the transition to a green economy;
  • The knowledge economy and innovation;
  • Institutional factor of innovative development;
  • Financial aspects of innovation in the economy;
  • The forms and methods of financing innovation;
  • International experience in financing the green economy;
  • The role of financial institutions and development institutions of Kazakhstan in the financing of innovation;
  • Kazakhstan in regional and global integration processes;
  • Priority issues of innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Education and science without borders: a view of youth;
  • Youth of Kazakhstan as the driving force behind the modernization of Kazakhstan's economy in light of the "Strategy of Kazakhstan - 2050";
  • Current state and prospects for sustainable development and "green economy";
  • Innovative development and competitiveness of the economy;
  • The impact of globalization on national labor market and employment;
  • "Green" economic growth;
  • Topical issues of green architecture in Kazakhstan;
  • Innovative technologies in architecture and construction;
  • Energy efficient design in architecture and construction;
  •  Public-private partnerships as a basis for sustainable economic development;
  • Theories of sustainable development and their relationship to economic problems at the present stage.

Moderator: Erlan Battashevich Sydykov, Rector of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU), doctor of historical sciences, professor, academician of the International academy of Sciences of pedagogical education

Supposed speakers:

  • Levent Altynay - Professor, University of Oxford Brookes (UK);
  • Metin Kozak - Professor, University of Dokuz Eylul (Turkey);
  • Januszestrus Techke- Professor, University of Economics Krakow city (Poland);
  • Peter Michael - Professor of the Institute of Economics (Hungary);
  • Sang Kyu Lee - Professor, Andogonsk University (South Korea);
  • Sung-Hee JWA – Professor , KDI school of Public Policy and Management (Korea);
  • Daniel Peter - Professor, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland);
  • Wolfram Scharff - Professor, Institute of Environmental Analysis (Germany);
  • Lubomir Tsivin - Ass. Professor, Banking Institute (Czech Republic);
  • Safiullin Marat Rashitovich - PhD, professor Kazan Federal University (Russia);
  • Vasiluk Tatyana Nikolayevna - PhD, professor, Humanities University (Russia);
  • Yan Podgorskiy - Professor, University of Zilina (Slovakia).

Expected results:

- Achievement of the objectives of youth conference by dialogue and cooperation expansion.

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