«Decarbonization and carbon trading- the drivers of the new economy»

«Decarbonization and carbon trading- the drivers of the new economy»

12 March 2015




Experts predict that 2015 will be a turning point in the fight against climate change and the growth of greenhouse gases emissions.

In accordance with the recommendations of the UNFCCC, there are plans to tight emissions regulation at the international level and to introduce new standards, technological requirements, carbon trading and accounting of emissions during implementation of international projects. Present the top 15 countries producers of carbon (US, Japan, UK, Russia, China, Indonesia, and others) have begun to develop strategies for decarbonization, involving regulation and comprehensive measures to ‘purify’ the carbon from the national economies through sharply reducing emissions, introduction of innovative green technologies, including renewable energy and development of the carbon market.

Decarbonization process involves ensuring of economic growth by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through technological innovation, changes in infrastructure and development model.

Priority area of decarbonization is the development of carbon trading. National reports of EU, USA, Japan and other countries show that carbon trading is an effective mechanism for promoting measures to reduce emissions and attraction of “green” investments. That is relevant in the context of global financial instability.

In 2013 the turnover of the European market of emission was about 120 billion Euro. Experts of Bloomberg New Energy Finance predict that in 2016 the global carbon market will be 180 billion Euro.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has significant carbon potential which is necessary to use, in accordance with international standards of carbon finance.

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