The Astana Economic Forum is an annual significant event in the Eurasian space.

Every year the capital of Kazakhstan gathers the world economic community, current and former heads of state, Nobel Prize winners, prominent scholars and businessmen.

Necessity for a platform for dialogue, as the Astana Economic Forum, has been dictated by time.

The global economy is undergoing major changes and AEF has become a single platform addressing the most acute economic and social issues. Moreover, the Forum is a practical tool for business allowing to overcome geographical and informational boundaries. AEF annually brings together more than 5,000 delegates from 80 countries.

The purpose of the Forum is to form an international platform where world experts can discuss issues of economic development, both relating to the Central Asian region and the entire world space in the context of changes in the global economy.

The main agendas of the Forum discussed over the years of Forum's life include:

"Modern aspects of economic development in the context of globalization", "Economic security of Eurasia in the system of global risks", "Ensuring sustainable growth in the post-crisis period", "New decade: challenges and prospects", "Global economic transformation: challenges and development prospects" Ensuring balanced economic growth in the G-GLOBAL format", "Risk management in the epoch of changes in the G-Global format", "Infrastructure-driver of sustainable development", "New economic reality: diversification, innovation and knowledge economy."

2017 Agenda - "New Energy - New Economy"

With 9 large-scale Forums opinions of world leaders and real recommendations were voiced for strengthening the economy not only in Central Asia and the post-Soviet space, but the in the entire world.



AEF-2017 main events will take place on 15-16 June 2017 in the Palace of Independence at: 52, Tauelsizdik Avenue, Astana. Forum's Central Zone is open for participants from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm, 15 - 16 June 2017. It is recommended to arrive at the Forum 30-40 minutes before the event.

Reference: The Palace of Independence (kaz. Tauelsizdik Sarayi) is home for official state events, forums, meetings, meetings, congresses. It is a three-storied building. Floor 1 (ground floor) accommodates 4 Congress Halls with 300 seats capacity each, the Ceremonial Hall for 270 seats, Premium Hall-1 for 70 seats and Premium Hall-2 for 150 seats, Oval Hall for 80 seats and open studio for the General Information Partner. Floor 2: coffee break and lunch spots; specialized rooms for bilateral meetings; Media Center consisting of Press Center for 150 people, 6 zones for exclusive interviews, coffee break zone for journalists, AEF open studio and press conference room. Floor 3: The Economist Hall for 120 seats and cafeteria.



Participant access to the Forum

Access to AEF-2017 events is provided via RFID-access card (badge). This badge must be carried with you throughout the Forum.  
The badge is issued provided that: 

  • registration as a Forum Participant has been completed at
  • all required and reliable information has been provided in your account (personal cabinet); 
  • participatory package has been paid (for paid participants); 
  • Participant's photo us uploaded in the personal cabinet (colored, document format, 3x4).

In order to get a badge, you must present the document specified during registration on the website. The issue of badges to the third parties is possible if there is an identity document, as well as the power of attorney for getting a badge.

In order to avoid any inconvenience connected with the participant’s access to the Forum venue, we ask you to obtain a badge in advance at one following accreditation points:

  Issuing point Address Date Working-hours Number of issued badges
1 Office of AEF 2017 65 Temirkazyk str. (House of Economy) 07.06-13.06 09:00-19:00 Over 10 pcs.
2 “Keryen” SEC (3rd  floor, near ”Assorti” restaurant) 9 Dostyk str. 10.06-13.06 10:00-22:00 Up to 10 pcs.
3 “MEGA SilkWay” SEC (Ticket-office of “EXPO2017”) 62 Kabanbay ave. 10.06-13.06 10:00-22:00 Up to 10 pcs.
4 “Radisson” hotel 4 Saryarka str. 10.06-13.06 10:00-22:00 Up to 10 pcs.
5 “Palace of Independence” 52Taulesizdik str. 14.06 09:00-19:00 -

Organizations that receive badges on the basis of power of attorney (more than 10 badges),need to send an application with the list of participants to by 6 June 2017 and select relevant badge issuance center.

In order to save your and our time, we ask you to send the lists in advance because printing badges requires additional time. After providing the list, we will you the date and time when you can receive your badge.

Participants’ handouts
Handouts will be distributed at the Independence Palace during the Forum days against participants’ badges. 

Payment for participation
Participants may pay for one of the three participation packages by a bank card or by bank transfer.

In case of bank transfer a Contraction on Provision of Services is signed based on which a payment invoice is issued. After funds arrive at the Fund's bank account a promotional code is given for registration.

Preliminary booking of seats for panel sessions
Each Forum registered participant may pre-book a seat in the hall for any session of interest. The choice of seats depends on the type of paid participation package.

To do this please:

  1. log in and enter Participant's Personal cabinet, enter your email address and password created at registration and click on Login on the main page (
  2. After login enter the Program section.
  3. Select any session of interest. There is a flag icon on the right side. Please hover the cursor on it and click.

Medical office and first aid
During the Astana Economic Forum medical offices will be available in the Palace of Independence and Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan". Ambulance teams will also be on duty at the venue of the Forum.

Lost & Found
During the Forum you can contact any Information and Service Center in the Forum Central Zone or the wardrobe located on the first floor (to the right of the main entrance) for information on lost or found items.

Mobile phone recharge points
Mobile phone recharge points are located at Information and Service Points throughout the Palace of Independence area. 

Contact person: Yuriy Odensev, Online-Registration Coordinator
Tel.:+7 (7172) 575006, Mobile:+7 707 1234395, e-mail:



Vehicle Registration
There will a limited access for vehicles during preparation and conduction of AEF to Forum areas. In addition there might be additional vehicle access restrictions to Astana International Airport, Forum's official hotels and Cultural Program Venues during the Forum. 

The access will be provided via valid  AEF-2017 vehicle passes.

Vehicle accreditation requests can be submitted at  from  1 to 12 June 2017. Vehicle passes as per the submitted Request will be distributed at the Accreditation Point. 

Vehicle Pass Accreditation Hours:

Accreditation Point Period Working hours
Astana, 65 Temirkazyk St. 1 to 12 June 09:00 am - 07:00 pm

*Delegates participating in Plenary Sessions attended by Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will receive additional passes.

Transport service
During the Forum free shuttles will travel regularly from the Airport to Main Hotels and from Hotels to the Palace of Independence.

Palace of Independence Vehicle Parking Map

Contact person: Coordinator for Road Transport Yermek Aldabergenov
Tel .: +7 (7172) 701823, mob .: +7 771 5222396, e-mail:



Astana Economic Forum (hereinafter – AEF, Forum) is an annual event gathering the current and former heads of states, Nobel laureates, the respected academicians and businessmen to discuss the state and challenges of the global economy.

The main theme of the upcoming Forum – “New energy – New economy” – is aimed at searching for new sustainable growth models, strengthening of global cooperation and trade, development of private initiative, technologies, infrastructure, “green” economy and innovations.

In 2017, AEF will be held on June 15-16 during the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. 

The program consists of three themes:


During the next Astana Economic Forum, it is scheduled to hold Plenary session with participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, roundtable with participation of the leading world economists, more than 20 panel sessions involving Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee, “The Economist” magazine and other international organizations and transnational companies. 

Panel sessions of “The Economist” magazine are scheduled as an exclusive event involving foreign and national heads of states, businessmen (listed within Global Fortune 500) and international experts. The issues of the increase of innovative potential of Kazakhstan through the transfer of technologies to the corporate sector, as well as the possibilities of technological modernization of Kazakh companies will be discussed during the event. In order to participate in events conducted by “The Economist”, additional registration on the website of “The Economist Events” is required by the following link: 

The high level conference held jointly with the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee will involve the current and former heads of states and governments, chairmen of the central banks, respected experts, heads of international organizations and research centers from the USA, EU, Great Britain, PRC, RF etc. The key drivers forming the world economy, challenges and risks of the world economy, overcoming of low economic growth, recommendations on economic modernization for Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries will be considered at the Conference. 

Another one key event of the Forum will be Panel session of the World Bank on “Presentation of the draft report on System diagnostics of the country in the light of 25 years of cooperation between the World Bank and Kazakhstan”. System diagnostics of the country will define the current progress of Kazakhstan for improvement of social, economic and institutional environment according to the Concept on joining of Kazakhstan the 30 most developed world countries. 

Also it is planned to hold business lunch from McKinsey&Company, dinner on behalf of the Government of RK and workshops from the leading financial companies within the Forum.

Direct dialogue between business and government authorities will be the central element of Panel sessions. The participants will get opportunity to discuss the relevant issues on ensuring sustainable economic growth and international cooperation development with the representatives of international organizations, financial institutes and business.

The Forum’s program is available on the official website of AEF-2017 in “Program” section.



Entertainment events during the AEF

Event Date and time Venue, price Note
National and Cultural Complex "Ethovillage"

10 June - 10 September

09:00 am – 09:00 pm.

At the Kazanat race track (close to the intersection of Turan Avenue and Kabanbay Batyr Avenue)

Free entrance

The complex consists of various sectors:

- "Traditional types of hunting"
- "National traditions and practices"
- "National games and amusements"
- "Craftsmen village"
- "Restaurants of traditional Kazakh and Oriental cuisine"
- "Silk Way Eastern Bazaar"
- "Festival of Kazakh Musical and Theatrical Art"
- "Recreation Walkway"
Visiting the museum (local unique compositions)

Every day, except Monday

10:00 am - 06:00 pm

(ticket office closes at 05:00 pm)

National Museum (Tawelsizdik Avenue, 54)

500 tenge

Interpreter for the group is 2,500 tenge (English, Turkish and Chinese). To join a group quickly, please show your AEF badge. Audioguide rental is 500 tenge.

Entrance to the gold hall requires an additional fee of 1000 tenge.

"Cultural monuments of the Terracotta Army of the Emperor Qín Shǐ Huáng-dì" Exhibition

9 June - 10 September

03:00 pm

National Museum (Tawelsizdik Avenue, 54)

950 tenge

To attend this event, you will need to purchase an additional entrance ticket to the museum for 500 tenge

The exhibition will host about 50 archaeological items - statues of soldiers, weapons, shingles, dishes, gold and silver jewelry

“Sultan Beybars and his epoch" Exhibition

10 June - 10 August

National Museum (Tawelsizdik Avenue, 54)

950 tenge

To attend this event, you will need to purchase an additional entrance ticket to the museum for 500 tenge

The exhibition will host the items from the collection of the Islamic Arts Museum (Cairo, Egypt)

Exhibition “In Search of Shambala: Masterpieces from the Nicholas Roerich Museum New York”

10 June - 10 September

National Museum (Tawelsizdik Avenue, 54)

500  tenge

With the support of New York’s Mayor’s Office, the Russian-American Foundation, SonMar Group, The Estates at Acqualina, Kruzhkov Russo PLLC, Vidya Art Advisory, Tondo Art

International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017

10 June - 10 September

Entrance from 09:00 am to 10:30 pm; Exit the event by 01:00 am

EXPO site

4000 - 8000 tenge

Open date ticket:

On a weekday - 6000 tenge,
On a weekend - 8000 tenge.

Fixed date ticket:

On a weekday - 4000 tenge,
On a weekend - 6000 tenge.

"Romeo and Juliet" Musical

10 June - 7 July

07:00 pm, (1 h and 30 m)

Palace of Peace and Accord (Tawelsizdik Avenue, 57)

500 – 2500 tenge

 "Lifelong Tango" Concert 

14 June, 07:00 pm.

 (1 h and 20 m)

Astana Opera, chamber hall (Kunayev Street, 1)

2 000 tenge

Aida Musical

15 June, 10:00 pm

Area before the Palace of Peace and Accord (Tawelsizdik Avenue, 57)

12000- 25000 tenge
Concert by Gaziza Zhubanova State String Quartet

16 June, 07:00 pm

(1 h and 20m)

Astana Opera, chamber hall (Kunayev Street, 1)

2000 tenge
Manon Ballet. Jules Massenet

17 June, 06:00 pm

(2 h 30 min)

Astana Opera, chamber hall (Kunayev Street, 1)


Location and working hours
Forum’s Media Center is located at the right end of the second floor of the Independence Palace.

Whole area of the Media Center offers free internet based on Open Wi-Fi. Network: AEF2017.

The Media Center includes: a press center designed in a way that 150 journalists may use computers at the same time, access to the Internet; 6 zones for exclusive interviews; coffee-break zone for journalists; Open Studio of AEF; press conference hall. "Kazakhstan" Central Concert Hall also has a press center with access to the Internet and all indispensable office equipment that journalists may use during the Plenary Session with the participation of the President of Kazakhstan.

Long-distance and international calls may be made for free from all stationary phones and fax machines in the press centers.

Press center at the Independence Palace is equipped with LED monitor and TV panels broadcasting individual sessions of the Forum, including live broadcast from the Plenary Session hall. 

Working hours of the International Media Center at the Forum:

Date Working hours
15 June 8:30 – 19:00
16 June 8:30 – 19:00


At the Astana Economic Forum, you may use the services of the Media Center to arrange exclusive interviews in designated rooms.

In order to conduct individual interviews with AEF-2017 participants, you must send an application by 5th of June 2017 re: "Media request for an interview" by e-mail Such application to include:

  • name of a media outlet;
  • full name and details of the ID (passport /ID number) of an interviewing journalist;
  • contact details of an interviewing journalist (mobile, email);
  • full name and position of a person to be interviewed;
  • provisional questions that such journalist wants to ask an interviewee. 

Maximum duration of one interview is 40 minutes.

Contact person: Almira Marden
tel: +7 (7172) 701809, mob: +7 (705) 888 9398, е-mail:



During the Forum, the participants will be offered different catering options.

Format Location  Date  Open hours
Coffee break for participants

Buffet hall, 2 floor

15 June 2017
16 June 2017

11:00 am - 11:30 am, 04:00 pm - 04:30 pm
11:00 am - 11:30 am, 04:00 pm - 04:30 pm

Lunch for participants

Buffet hall, 2 floor

15 June 2017
16 June 2017
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm
Paid basis      

Light snacks’ café, (tea, coffee, drinks, fast food, desserts)

Coffee zone, 3 floor
Coffeehouse at the entrance to the Independence Hall

15-16 June 2017
15-16 June 2017

08:00 am - 07:00 pm
08:00 am - 07:00 pm

Restaurants of the City of Astana
For a list and descriptions of the restaurants of Astana, please go to "Restaurants" Sub-Section of the "For Participants" Tab of the



In Kazakhstan there is a visa-free regime within certain periods (usually up to 30 days) for the residents of a number of states, in particular 45 economically developed and migratively stable countries, as well as 17 countries with which Kazakhstan has concluded bilateral agreements on exemption from visas (CIS countries and others). In order to enter Kazakhstan to participate in Astana Economic Forum 2017, the citizens of other countries will need to obtain business visa drawn up on the basis of visa support - an invitation formally agreed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Organizing Committee of the Astana Economic Forum-2017 is the inviting party. All participants are required to undergo a standard procedure for obtaining business visa at the embassies or consulates of Kazakhstan abroad, or at the international airports in Kazakhstan. The list of countries that have agreements with Kazakhstan on visa-free travel of citizens, as well as more detailed requirements for visa processing is available on the website of Astana Economic Forum in "For participants -"Visa” tab.

General information on visa issues is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Temporary registration 
When entering the territory of Kazakhstan, a foreign citizen shall receive a migration card for entry notes at the border control unit or in the aircraft, which shall be returned upon departure. 

In case of stay of a foreign citizen in Kazakhstan for more than 5 calendar days from the entry date, it is necessary to inform the organizers of the event or to contact the territorial unit of the migration police to get registration.

It is important to note that registration for the citizens from 45 economically developed and migratively stable countries (see the website of Astana Economic Forum) will be carried out directly at the border checkpoints when they enter Kazakhstan. 

The citizens of Russia and Belarus are released from registration in migration police authorities for up to 30 days. Citizens of Ukraine are also exempted from registration for up to 90 days if they have a migration card marked by the border control agencies. 



In order to avoid additional costs and other difficulties, passengers should independently familiarize themselves with the current restrictions on the size and weight of baggage and hand luggage before departure.

For the purposes of aviation security, passengers are forbidden to carry dangerous items and substances with them and in registered baggage.

When individuals carry personal use goods across the customs border of the Customs Union, goods worth up to 10,000 euros can be imported duty-free. The weight norm of duty-free import is 50 kg. In addition, for a one-time import or export of a cash currency for a total amount exceeding the equivalent of 10 thousand US dollars from Kazakhstan to the territory of the third countries, these values are subject to customs declaration in writing by submission of a passenger customs declaration. More detailed information about the requirements of customs control and the procedure for completion of the passenger customs declaration is available on the official website of Astana International Airport in "Preflight control" and "Customs control" section:



Forum’s information service
Tel.: +7 (7172) 701 819
Tel.: +7 707 1230325 (round-the-clock)

Emergency services
Rescue service – tel. 112
Fire extinguishing service – tel. 101
Police – tel. 102
Emergency First Response – tel. 103



Weather in Astana for the duration of the AEF-2017

For climatic conditions for Astana (average monthly indicators), please go to the website of the Kazhydromet National Company

Weather forecast for Astana for the current day and the following two days -

Enquiry number in Astana (city code – 7172)

Information services Phone numbers
Lost and Found  71-60-32, 71-65-82
Rescue and fire fighting  
Rescue service 112
Branch of "Firefighting and Emergency and Rescue Services" State Organization 101
from mobile, call: 101
Municipal  Emergency Medical Service 103
from mobile, call: 103
Law enforcement  
 Interior Department (police) 102
from mobile, call: 102
"International Airport of Astana" JSC (information service) 70-29-99
landline - 1333
Railway Station (information service) 93-39-26

Single phone number of the inquiry services of the railway stations (Call-center)

Bus terminal (information service) 38-11-35, 38-11-34

To order taxi, please call the Integrated Taxi Service – "Astana Taxi". 

Tel: 15800 (landline and mobile)

Pharmacies in the vicinity of the central venue of the Forum  
Tsvetnaya Pharmacy
Dostyk Street, 9, tel. +7 (717) 279 5318
Open till 11:00 pm

Europharma Pharmacy
Dinmuhammed Kunayev Street, 14/2, tel. +7 (717) 250 8377
Open till 11:59 pm

Romashka Pharmacy
Dinmuhammed Kunayev Street, 12
Round the clock


Palace of Independence location of premises scheme


Forum objects map