Get your badge in advance!

In order to get a badge, you must present the document specified during registration on the website. The issue of badges to the third parties is possible if there is an identity document, as well as the power of attorney for getting a badge.

In order to avoid any inconvenience connected with the participant’s access to the Forum venue, we ask you to obtain a badge in advance at one following accreditation points:

  Issuing point Address Date Working-hours Number of issued badges
1 Office of AEF 2017 65 Temirkazyk str. (House of Economy) 07.06-13.06 09:00-19:00 Over 10 pcs.
2 “Keryen” SEC (3rd  floor, near ”Assorti” restaurant) 9 Dostyk str. 10.06-13.06 10:00-22:00 Up to 10 pcs.
3 “MEGA SilkWay” SEC (Ticket-office of “EXPO2017”) 62 Kabanbay ave. 10.06-13.06 10:00-22:00 Up to 10 pcs.
4 “Radisson” hotel 4 Saryarka str. 10.06-13.06 10:00-22:00 Up to 10 pcs.
5 “Palace of Independence” 52Taulesizdik str. 14.06 09:00-19:00 -

Organizations that receive badges on the basis of power of attorney (more than 10 badges),need to send an application with the list of participants to by 6 June 2017 and select relevant badge issuance center.

In order to save your and our time, we ask you to send the lists in advance because printing badges requires additional time. After providing the list, we will you the date and time when you can receive your badge.