Partner of the forum

5 000 000 kzt contributed amount

Core privileges and opportunities

  1. Roll-ups and banners with Partner`s logo and status in the framework of sponsored event;; 
  2. Partner`s logos and status on the AEF`s main program both on the website and printed materials;
  3.  Priority placement of Partner`s products and services in the area of operation with opportunity to organize a presentation, degustation, promo-actions;

  4. Image services for the Partner by agreement with AEF Organizers.

  5. Categories of partnership:
    • Partner in technical and communications support
    • Partner in AEF`s coffee breaks organization
    • Partner in AEF`s dinners organization
    • Partner in organization of business breakfasts with participation of high-ranking officials
    • Partner in language translation services provision (simultaneous, consecutive)
    • Partner in consulting services rendering (by agreement with the Organizer).