Silver Sponsor

25 000 000 kzt contributed amount

Core privileges and opportunities

  1. Branded with Silver Sponsor`s logo handout materials used at the sponsored business meetings of the AEF;
  2. “Coffee from Sponsor” at the sponsored business meetings of the AEF;
  3.  PR-inclusion of Silver Sponsor`s logo and status in the Kazakhstan mass media;
  4. Silver Sponsor`s logo and status on the AEF key digital media available for participants;
  5. Silver Sponsor`s video on the screens at the Central Hall and at the exhibition area (duration: 15 sec);
  6. Organization of business meetings with a key speaker of the AEF;
  7. Dedication of one of the events to Silver Sponsor (business breakfasts, cocktails, banquets, etc.) with opportunity to present the activity of Silver Sponsor;
  8. 1 chargeable “Business” service package for Silver Sponsor Administration;
  9. “Standard” participant package for participation of 3 Silver Sponsor`s delegates in the main business and cultural events;
  10.  Expression of thanks (with video) to Silver Sponsor at the Central Hall;
  11. 15 square meters of unbuilt area in the priority zone of AEF exhibition space or Independence Palace.