Daron Acemoğlu

Professor of Economics, MIT

Nov. 1992 - Ph.D. - London School of Economics;
June 1990 - MSc. - London School of Economics;
June 1990 - B.A. - University of York.

Professional Experience
1992-1993  Lecturer in Economics, London School of Economics;
1993-1997  Assistant Professor of Economics, MIT;
1997-2000  Associate Professor of Economics, MIT;
2000-2004 Professor of Economics, MIT;
2004-2010 Professor of Applied Economics,MIT;
2010-present - Professor of Economics, MIT.

Awards and Grants 
Adam Smith Memorial Prize, University of York, 1989;
T. W. Shultz Prize, the University of Chicago, 2004;
Sherwin Rosen award for outstanding contributions  to labor economics from the Society of Labor Economics, 2004;
John Bates Clark Medal, 2005;
Distinguished Science Award from the Turkish Sciences Association, 2006;
Association of American Publishers Award for Excellence in Professional  Scholarly Publishing for Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, 2006;
Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award for Best Book Published  on Government, Politics or International Affairs for Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, 2006;
Honorary Doctorate, University of Utrecht, 2008;
Turkish Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Award, 2013;
Honorary Doctorate, University of Athens, 2014.

(With James Robinson) Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, Cambridge University Press, January 2006. 
Introduction to Modern Economic Growth, Princeton University Press, January 2009. 
(With James Robinson) Why Nations Fail: Origins of Power, Poverty and Prosperity, Crown Publishers (Random House), March 2012. 
(With David Laibson and John List) Principles of Economics, Pearson New York NY, 2014.