Astana Economic Forum rebirth in Global Challenges Summit entailed a determined change for brand identity of the congress. The rebranding is aimed to confidently declare current change of the main economic congress of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as its growing ambitions.

The rebirth of the Astana Economic Forum as the Global Challenges Summit has entailed a decisive change in the brand identity of the congress. This rebranding’s aim is to make a confident declaration regarding the changes that the Republic of Kazakhstan’s main economic congress is undergoing, while reflecting its growing ambitions.

The visual identity was crafted on the basis of thematic graphics and a unique multi-coloured pattern. The logo is discreet and reserved, and works perfectly in combination with brightly coloured elements and as a stand-alone feature.

The landscape of the city of Astana and its most recognisable landmarks have been taken as the key visual imagery for the new branding. The continuity of history with the Astana Economic Forum has been maintained by the use of the Baiterek, the city’s main symbol. The central position of this monument emphasizes the contemporary look of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The new brand identity makes it possible to vary the graphics according to the topics and visually reflect the summit’s agenda. Unique graphics were created for each challenge based on its chief characteristics. This will enable further development and improvement of the brand in years to come.

A new website has also been launched as part of the rebranding, along with presentation and invitation materials. A global communications campaign will introduce the new visual identity of the Astana Economic Forum both to the people of Kazakhstan and the international expert community.

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