The Astana Economic Forum has been Central Asia’s main business summit since 2008 and during that time the Republic of Kazakhstan has transformed from a rapidly developing post-Soviet state to a global leader in terms of the complexity and speed of the development programmes being implemented. Thanks to its geographical position in Central Asia, the country has taken on the role of the region’s communications hub, attracting the business communities of Russia, China, the UAE, Turkey, Korea, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Tajikistan. The success of EXPO exhibition hosted by Astana in 2017 and dynamic economic growth provided the Republic of Kazakhstan with the new opportunity for international exposure.

In 2018, the Republic of Kazakhstan is to take another decisive step towards further international integration, using the Astana Economic Forum as the basis on which to inaugurate the Global Challenges Summit.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing rapid changes to countries and businesses, shaping the megatrends that are becoming dramatically important for every human being on the planet. Global shifts in technology are helping to resolve existing problems that have accumulated, while simultaneously creating new challenges for the international community. The Global Challenges Summit invites the intellectual world elite to participate in a dialogue to get to grips with contemporary technological advances and devise solutions to adapt to these key planetary changes.

The programme is built around the 11 main challenges of the contemporary world: a unified economy and global strategy, sustainability and clean energy, longevity and a new mankind, digitalization, the future of money, global security, and urbanization.

The Global Challenges Summit 2018, taking place on the basis of the Astana Economic Forum, will be held from the 17th to 19th May 2018 in Astana. Registration for participants will be opened on the website in April 2018.

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