Ugis Magonis

Ugis Magonis

Ugis Magonis

President, Chairman of the Board SJSC «Latvian railway»


In 1989 graduated from Leningrad High Engineering Sea School named after Admiral S.O.Makarov

Work Experience:

1989 - 1992 – navigator, 3rd captain’s mate, Latvian Shipping

1993 - 2000 – Director of «Hanzas jūras aģentūra» LLC

2003 – 2005 – Chairman of the Board, SJSC «Latvijas dzelzceļš» («Latvian railway»)

2004 - 2005 – Advisor of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Latvia

2005 – until present time– Chairman of the Board of SJSC «Latvijas dzelzceļš» («Latvian railway»), non-staff advisor of Prime-Minister on railway transport

2010 – until present time – President SJSC «Latvijas dzelzceļš» («Latvian railway»)

Founder of Latvian association of freight forwarders.

Holds a post of President of Latvian national association of shipping agents.

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