Future outlook - World economy of the 21st century

Future outlook - World economy of the 21st century

19 March 2015

What will world be like by the middle of the century? What will be the key trends that determine the shape of global economy in the forthcoming decades? Who will lead the global leadership in 2050? These and many other issues of a strategic foresight are gaining enormous attention among the academia, financial corporations, think tanks, government and etc.

Foresight is a relatively new, but well established trend of a modern science. Many countries and their government, institutes and experts show profound interest in the tendencies that might determine the future. Thus, strategic foresight and its tools provide us with an opportunity to change the future in a decade horizon and even more. In this regard, the area of ​​futurology and foresight enjoys unprecedented popularity. Foresight allows you to make reasonable predictions about the future trends in different spheres of life, providing with an opportunity to look beyond the usual limits of planning.

The world in 2050 is an object of predictions in different spheres of foresight – economy, energy, technologies, sociology, environment and etc.

Currently there is considerable number of approaches and methodologies to forecasting the future. Leading think tanks, financial institutions and scientific centers have already published their own view of the future (The Economist, PwC, HSBC – «The World in 2050», OECD - «Ecological perspectives in 2050» and etc.).

The world of future is a complex and multipolar vision of the world that has no boundaries, outlines and form. For the foresight specialists from consulting companies it is the world characterized by Asian dominancy led by China and India. For the journalists from the Economist in 2050 the world might also witness a significant shift towards the East. By 2050 Asia will contribute up to 50% of the world GDP. However, the Economist’s specialists do not suggest that China might become the world leading economy. The world of future will be characterized by significant demographic changes, revolution in genomics and health will dramatically change the image of humanity.

Existing foresights are the main knowledge source for sustainable and long term development strategies.

The panel session “Future Outlook - World Economy of the 21st Century” will bring together leading experts in the field of strategic foresights and predicting the future to discuss possible scenarios for long-term development of the world until 2050.

The session bringing together leading experts of foresight provides with an opportunity to foresee the world in 2050 and find answer to the most crucial questions of the forthcoming future. The best foresight specialists, representatives of the state bodies and think tanks will share their vision of the world and global economy in horizon of 2050.

The panel session will allow its participants to witness one of the most interesting events of the Astana Economic Forum bringing together leading experts in the heart of the capital.

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