After they speak at the AEF 2018 Global Challenges Summit, global intellectual stars will travel to Astana’s universities to give lectures, seminars, and master classes for students and young scholars of Kazakhstan.

For contemporary education, the systems of formal and static knowledge transfer that form the 19th and 20th century university model are giving way to the contemporary language that world leaders use to talk about their disciplines and the network that gives access to those very same leaders, the native speakers of that language. The AEF 2018 Global Challenges Summit Fest project uses the unique potential of the Forum to join global leaders of the intellectual agenda with Kazakhstan’s future in a free, open format in the space of the Festival.

On 17 and 18 May, in locations at Nazarbayev University and the Gumilyov Eurasian National University, a unique series of conversations between speakers from the AEF 2018 Global Challenges Summit and Kazakhstan’s talented intellectual youth about key global challenges and their influence on the life strategies of those who are just entering the professional world.

After the Forum, lecture recordings will be turned into the Digital University of the AEF 2018 Global Challenges Summit, whose materials will remain available on the Forum’s site until the end of the project in 3 languages.

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